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Cosmetic Tin Box

cosmetic tin box

Metal Cosmetic Tin Box


Beautiful cosmetic tin boxes are a package option for high-end gifts and promotions. This value-added cosmetic can comes with a higher cost point and serves as a long-term promotion. The magnificent reflectivity of beautiful tiny bright tin boxes is revealed through custom attributes such as clear inks and finishes, as well as embossing and special surfaces.


The cosmetic tin box is made of tinplate, which has excellent air tightness, light resistance and barrier properties. Most makeup products need to be stored in low light. More and more tin boxes are used for cosmetic packaging.


For example, blush tin, heart-shaped lip balm tin, square lip balm tin, etc. Store at room temperature to ensure product quality. Beautiful and practical appearance, hygienic and safe. You can also make cosmetic tin boxes in various shapes according to your personal needs. Various types of boxes can meet your shape and printing requirements.


Your Trustable Cosmetic Tin Box Manufacturer in China


HH Tinbox is one of the most professional cosmetic packaging tin box manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please feel free to wholesale bulk cheap cosmetic packaging tin boxes from our factory for sale. All customized cosmetic tin boxes are of high quality and competitive price. We have an enterprising heart and excellent technical talents. We will supply all kinds of personalized tin pencil boxes, Christmas candle jars, tin wax to customers all over the world.

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