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Aluminium Can

aluminium can

What is aluminum can?

An aluminum can (British English: aluminium can), is a single-use container for packaging made primarily of aluminum.[1] It is commonly used for food and beverages such as milk and soup but also for products such as oil, chemicals, and other liquids. Global production is 180 billion annually[2] and constitutes the largest single use of aluminum globally.[3]

Are aluminum cans safe?

“Unless you're drinking dozens of cans of soda a day, the likelihood of aluminum exposure is very low. You're going to get some leaching out but the minimum risk level is about one milligram of aluminum per kilogram per day,” Tetro says.

How can you tell if a can is aluminum?

Look for Deposit Information. When sorting your recyclables, look at the side and top of the can. If a metal can displays a deposit of 5 or 10 cents and state abbreviations, it is usually aluminum. This information may be printed on the side, near the bar code or embossed on top of the can.

Your trustable aluminium cans manufacturer & factory in China

Aluminium cans are the most recycled package and the best choice for your product. Hundreds of different products come in aluminium cans. Our factory can make aluminium cans in all shapes and sizes to suit all of your packaging needs. 

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