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What is the Process of Making Tin Cans?

Iron cans can be seen everywhere in our daily life, so what is the production process of it? Today Haohang Hardware will take you to understand the production process of tin can packaging.

Production Process

  1. All the empty cans painted inside are used to improve the corrosion resistance of metal packaging iron cans; at the same time, the electrochemical action of metal can dissolve a small amount of iron in the metal iron box.
  2. Production of stamping molding. That is to use a punch of a punching machine to punch a flat plate into a cylindrical die to deform the metal flat plate into a circular iron can. The diameter of the iron box formed after initial stamping can be reduced by applying a re-stamping process.
  3. Cut the iron sheet into a rectangular iron sheet, roll the blank into a cylindrical shape, and weld the joints at both ends longitudinally to form a cylindrical shape. One end of the cylinder and the round end cap are mechanically rolled and sealed, and the other end is loaded into the prepared can lid to form a packaged tin can, also called three-piece can.

Generally, tin cans use three-piece cans, aluminum cans use two-piece can technology, and the patch adopts offset printing technology. Such three-piece tin cans are not easy to hold candles. It is easy to leak. If it must be used, it is recommended to apply glue to prevent wax leakage.

Usually this three-piece can also needs to prevent rust on the outer surface, and still needs to be printed. Note when making three-piece cans: before the end folding process, the corners and nicks should be cut; during the soldering process, the soldering should be wiped with tin scraps, and after cooling, the can body is finished.


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