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What is the difference between tinplate cans and tinplate cans

In the store, we can often see all kinds of exquisitely packaged products. When the same product is packaged differently, the products packaged in tin cans will become what customers want to grasp at the beginning. In fact, people want to master it, one is because of its exquisite packaging, and the other is because of the practicality of the tin can. Generally, when the products inside are eaten or used up, everyone can use the tin can as a storage box, which is actually one of the reasons why everyone wants to master the tin can packaging products.

Generally, everyone knows the applicability and environmental protection of tin cans, and then most people have no deeper understanding of tin cans. In fact, the products packaged in tin cans that you see on the market are generally made of tinplate. into. Tinplate cans are divided into two types: tinplate cans and frosted iron cans. Tin-plated iron is also called iron sheet processing or ordinary iron. Its price is more cost-effective than frosted iron. There is no sand on the surface. After printing a layer of white on the rural base, various exquisite patterns can be printed. In addition, various Gold, silver and white transparent iron packaging printing can reflect light in bright places, giving people an eye-catching feeling, high-end, and high cost performance. Therefore, tinned iron packaging printing made into tin can packaging is very popular among customers.

The frosted iron in tinplate is also called starlight iron, and there are sands on the surface, so it is generally called starlight iron. Its price is the more expensive one in tinplate materials, and it is generally used in iron cans for printing without packaging. Can packaging, if the tin cans that need to be packaged and printed generally want to present sand, so they are generally printed with transparent iron. The stretch and strength of frosted iron are generally not as good as tinned iron. Some specifications and models of tinplate are not suitable for use. To stretch larger items.

As the saying goes, "vegetables and radishes have their own preferences", some people like electroplated tinplate because of its exquisite packaging and printing design, some people like frosted tin cans, because they like the texture of iron itself, tinplate cans can actually be considered These people have an aesthetic and pursuit of perfection.


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