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What Are the Requirements in the Manufacturing Process of Tin Cans?

Packaging tin cans are widely used in various industries because of their excellent printing performance and beautiful metallic luster texture retention. Loved by consumers! So what are the requirements for tin cans in the manufacturing process? Metal can maker Haohang Hardware takes you an in-depth look at:

Coating and Workmanship

For beverage cans, the outer surface is coated, printed, inner surface coated, flanged and closed at the open end.

For food tins with outer surface coating, open end flange forming, barrel corrugation and inner surface coating during cleaning or tin lower end is can lid made from pre-coated sheet on a multi-die press Corrugated ribs are pressed to bear the internal and external pressure.

Environmental Requirements for Packaging Tin Cans

When iron cans exist in the environment, they can be naturally oxidized and return to their original state and return to nature. Therefore, the stacking of scrap iron boxes can be decomposed by time and will not remain and cause environmental pollution. At the same time, it is not necessary to cut down trees to make tin cans, so as not to destroy the ecological balance, and meet the requirements of international environmental protection products. The use of iron boxes is safer, more hygienic, and can effectively reduce the amount of garbage, which has direct and obvious benefits for recycling operations, and has become a trend in various industries.


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