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Manufacturing process and quality control of eye shadow tin box

Eyeshadow tin box is one of the essential products in the makeup industry. In its manufacturing production scenario, manufacturers must ensure that the quality of each product is up to standard. This article mainly introduces the manufacturing process and quality control of eye shadow tin boxes. 

1. Manufacturing process

(1) Material preparation: The manufacturer first needs to prepare steel plates, tin sheets or cold-rolled plates, printing paints, molds and other materials required for production.

(2) Printing: The manufacturer prints printing ink on the material. At the same time, they also print the brand logo, color, pattern and other necessary information on the iron box.

(3) Cutting: Manufacturers use cutting machines to cut materials for the next step of production.

(4) Pressing: Next, the material is pressed and formed into the shape of the iron box.

(5) Welding: The manufacturer welds the lid and the bottom together to form a complete iron box. This step requires the skilled operation of highly skilled workers, because poor welding quality cannot be guaranteed.

(6) Grinding and Polishing: Finally, the product is ground and polished to a flawless quality standard.

2. Quality control

(a) Material inspection: Manufacturers should purchase high-quality raw materials from high-quality merchants to ensure that the materials they get in their manufacturing process are of high quality.

(b) Printing inspection: Printing quality is also one of the important factors to ensure product quality. Manufacturers should ensure that the graphics and other information on each tin box are accurate.

(c) Mold inspection: Molds should be kept clean and properly maintained at all times to ensure that the products being made are of the correct shape and size.

(d) Welding inspection: For the welding process, the manufacturer needs to ensure the stability and firmness of each solder joint, and no damage around the solder joint.

(e) Gloss inspection: Finally, each iron box needs to be polished and gloss checked to ensure that the product has a smooth surface and no serious blemishes.

In the process of producing eye shadow tin boxes, manufacturers need to implement strict quality control. Every link from raw materials to finished products should be carefully inspected and tested. Only in this way can the quality of the product be guaranteed.


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